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Amarillo is in the center of the Texas Panhandle, a 26-county area that is bordered by New Mexico and Oklahoma. Here, the southern plains meet the desert. Founded in 1887 at the intersection of two railroads, today the city is the intersection of Interstates 40 and 27. The city received its name, which means yellow in Spanish, from the yellow sub-soil and the yellow flowers blooming here.


The population of the Amarillo metro area (includes all of Potter and Randall Counties) is 241,802, based on Census 2010. The population within the Amarillo city limits is 190,695, according to Census 2010. Finally, the population of Potter County is 121,077 and Randall County is 120,725, again based on Census 2010. The city covers 88.4 square miles in Potter and Randall counties. Amarillo was recently voted as one of the top cities in the country to start a business and raise a family.

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Amarillo is at an altitude 3,671 ft. and receives about 19.5 inches of precipitation annually. The altitude and constant breeze are responsible for the clean air and low humidity. There are four distinct seasons in the city, yet the temperatures remain comfortable for most of the year. Each year there are over 270 sunny days.

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Month Average Daily
Minimum Temperature
Average Daily
Maximum Temperature
Monthly Precipitation
January 23°F/-5°C 49°F/9°C 19 0.6 in./1.6 cm.
April 42°F/5°C 71°F/21°C 20 1.3 in./3.4 cm.
July 65°F/19°C 91°F/33°C 26 2.7 in./6.8 cm.
October 45°F/7°C 72°F/22°C 23 1.5 in./3.8 cm.
ANNUAL 44°F/6°C 70°F/21°C 270 19.7 in./50.1 cm.

Source: Amarillo Weather Bureau/National Weather Service.
All statistics are based on a multi-year average.

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Sunrise & Sunset

Month Average Sunrise Average Sunset  
January (CST) 7:53 am 6:00 pm  
June (CDT) 6:32 am 9:01 pm  

Source: Amarillo Weather Bureau/National Weather Service.
All statistics are based on a multi-year average.

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